Outdoor Cooking | Testing Out New Camp Gear

A video I posted on YouTube (I’ve since deleted my YouTube). It was to highlight my new Snow Peak cookware. And you know that I had to test it out first with some bacon and eggs!
On top of the portable grill is a stop top grill that I got from Bed Bath & Beyond. sorry I don’t remember the brand, but this thing is awesome! It keeps the grill clean, I can use it on my fuel burners (like the one above), and it is super easy to clean.
As for the grill below by Oniva the Picnic Time X-grill, I like it a lot. It fold pretty compactly, basically into a flat square, it’s big enough to grill easily for 2 people, and its a cinch to set up.

Anyways, the food came out good and me and the wife enjoyed. It’s been a bit since I made this food and used the cookware and grill a couple more times and it’s been working out great.

Hope you enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Cooking | Testing Out New Camp Gear

    1. Don’t mind at all. Just didn’t feel like I had the content to continue a YT channel meant for camping and edc stuff. I have started a new channel that’s based on minimalism. A route that I’m trying to stay true to this time around as it is my 3rd time trying to live with intention. Sorry, a little bit of a deep answer. Hahaha! Thanks for asking!

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