Milkvue Handcrafted Donuts + Coffee| Gig Harbor, WA

So me and the wife decided to check out a spot we had never been to before because we love donuts. It kind of a new-ish spot, the barista told me it’s been around for about a year now as of the date we visited. Anways, here it is…

Here is the front of the shop. It’s in a little plaza in and yes, we are in line to enter the shop.
We finally made it in and what you see is basically about 80% of the shop, minus the back area where the donuts are made. So, that’s why we were waiting outside, only 2 parties at a time.
A little bit of a closer look at the sweet selections.
Yup, you guessed right, all 3 of those boxes are me and my wife’s and a fourth one that was getting more donuts put into it. We didn’t know what to order so we got one of each! Not the best choice, but I’ll get to that at the end.
All 4 of our boxes piled in the car. My apologies ahead of time, if I don’t mention the flavor of the donut, it’s because I don’t know. Sorry.
Mochi donuts. I believe they are cinnamon flavored.
In this box you’ll find a blueberry, plain, cereal, raspberry, decadent chocolate, and some other donuts.
In here was cake donut, apple, chocolate, blueberry, and raspberry fritters.
Last box, glazed, strawberry, chocolate, Oreo, and bacon and maple donut.

So, at the time of writing this, me and my wife have only eaten a few of the donuts and froze the rest to be eaten at a later time, but despite these donuts looking very “instagrammable”, they are not as good as my local donut shop, which is WAY cheaper. Basically all the donuts are the same, but with different icings and toppings. Other donuts shops that we’ve tried had different flavored donuts, but the flavor was also changed through the actual dough. So for example, I love the blueberry donut at my local shop and there’s actual blueberries in the donut itself, no just a blueberry frosting. Hopefully that made sense.

Anways, I’m not knocking this spot, but I definitely don’t recommending doing what we did and getting one of each donut, just go with THE ONE donut you want to try or like.

Hope you enjoyed!

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