Portland Ketchup Company | Costco Pick Up

So being from the Pacific Northwest, as me and my wife were perusing the aisles of Costco, we came upon this….

We decided to pick up a bottle, although it only came in a pack of 3 bottles, and try it out.
I tried the ketchup for the first time on my breakfast that consisted of sourdough toast, tater tots, and scrambled eggs.

The verdict is…drum roll…I like it! It definitely tastes like ketchup, however, it a bit more thicker and creamer than Heinz. The big difference is the hint of tasting a bit like pasta sauce; not overwhelmingly, but you’ll taste it and it makes using this ketchup more of treat than just your average condiment.

Not sure if they sell this at all Costco stores, but if you see it and are in need of ketchup at home…get it!

Hope you enjoyed.

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