Burger Seoul: Round 2 | Tacoma, WA

So it’s been about a year since I’ve last been to this spot, but at that time I was by myself while my wife was still in Japan. One year later I am back for Round 2, but this time I have my wife AAAAAND my new baby boy Kekoa (he had a bottle, no burger for him. HA!) Anyways, here’s our order….

Seoul Fire Fries. These were pretty good. The meat is a bbq pork style, the parmesan cheese was a good compliment, and the sauce wasn’t spicey, but had a sweetness to it. I liked it!
Sorry, I didn’t really switch it up for Round 2, I got the Seoul Burger again. I have no regrets. So GOOD. The patty was thick and juicy and I had made well done, the bun was soft, the cheddar cheese was sharp and the sauce was delicious. Next time I’ll get the Bulgogi burger…maybe. HAHA!

My wife got a Seoul burger too, so I didn’t show it here and we also ordered some garlic fries, but they look just like regular fries (I really just forgot to take a picture of them).

Hope you enjoyed!

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