Big Daddy’s | Graham, WA

So this past weekend me and the wife were feeling fish & chips, but the usual fish & chips spot we go to was closed and has been closed for a while now due to the pandemic. So my wife did a little internet research and found this spot, which is literally right next to the original fish & chips spot. Ha! This is was our first time trying it out and probably won’t be our last…

My view from a table as I waited for my food to go. That’s the cashier counter with the menu up top. Small spot, hole-in-the-wall feel. Friendly service.
My order. I got the popcorn shrimp. They were a decent size. Bigger than most fast food spots I’ve tried before. It was good.
Fish and chips for the wife. She liked it! It was crispy and flavorful.
Had to do something somewhat healthy with all the fried food. Haha! This was their taco salad. They fried the shell there, not premade. Huge portions size and was tasty.

This had your typical local, small, burger joint feel. We, however, did not get burgers, but they are available. We’ll save that for next time. Anyways, if your find yourself in Graham, WA and craving fish & chips or popcorn shrimp, this might be the spot for you.

Hope you enjoyed!

Side note: I have a previous post of our go-to fish & chips spot. It’s called Oliver’s Fish & Chips.

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