Flavorworks Food Truck: Pinoy Hawaiian Fusion | Puyallup, WA

The food truck. This was posted outside the relatively new local Filipino store Sari Sari. It’s tucked away, but if you know, you know.
The menu.
Lumpia Rice set. I also ordered 2 more lumpias. They were good and the size was decent, but I’m still glad I ordered extra. Lumpia is like Lays potato chips, you just can’t have one.
This is the Hurricane fries. They were really good. The bacon didn’t really shine through, which I like, but all the flavors went really well together.

If I ran into this food truck again, I would definitely order again or at least it would be in the top running depending on what other food trucks there are, if any. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed!

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