Ready-To-Eat Spam and Egg Meals | Uwajimaya Bellevue, WA

So I’m already a big fan of spam and eggs and rice and when I saw these meals to go I had to get them. I actually saw these all the other times I’ve been to Uwajimaya, but never picked them up. This time I decided to try them out and best believe, I’m probably going to get them every time now. HA!

Love Musubi and these 4 rolls are filling.
The close up.
Same thing as the musubi above, but served as a dish instead of a roll…and no seaweed.
I got to show it without the cover. Soooo goooood.

If I had to choose my “last meal” it would be a combination of rice, meat, and eggs. In Filipino, this is commonly called tapsilog. I can eat this combo all day, everyday. Anyways, in regards to these particular dishes, they were DEE-ee-licious.

Hope you enjoyed!

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