Ellenos | Seattle, WA | Pike Place Market

So me and my wife have just recently tried Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt and it was amazing. Don’t know why we haven’t been eating it ever since we moved the Pacific Northwest. Ellenos was created in Australia, but in 2013 they were able to bring it to America and it’s destination was Seattle, Washington at the Pike Public Market.

Here’s the Ellenos shop. This is it. It in the corner of the street and shares the space with other market shops. It’s all you need, just give me my yogurt.
The left on is Ube and is only sold Friday through Sunday so I had to get it. On the right was chocolate. This yogurt and flavors were DEEEEEE-LICIOUS!!! It’s like dessert. It is a dessert.

If you find yourself in Seattle and visiting the Pike Public Market, this is a MUST stop by and try and get the flavors you can’t get anywhere else.

Hope you enjoyed!

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