Flying Tomato Bar and Grill | Graham, WA

The menu.
Our appetizer, mozzarella wedges. Those sticks on the side are actually deep fried spaghetti, which were recommended by our waiter to try out. It was a good rec and they were nice to munch on.
My meal. I got the meatball sandwich with a side of fries.
The obligatory close-up. I would say that the sandwich is not what I expected. As you can see, not much sauce. I was expecting this thing to be smothered in marinara. I will say though that it may look dry, it wasn’t. The meatballs were flavorful and juicy. The bread was also soft on the inside, but had a nice toasted crust on the outside. With all that said, I still give this a pretty standard rating; nothing special.

The Flying Tomato is a local restaurant in a small town in Washington. This spot is a bit overpriced and considering the dishes we had I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending this place. It might be nice to hangout at the bar and our waiter did tell us that they have a comedy night for free so, there is that to consider. At this time I have to say that I’m not really considering going back.

Side note: I do want to say that our waiter was very nice and pleasant.

Hope you enjoyed!

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