Amici Italian Eatery | Graham, WA

So this is me and my wife’s second time eating at this restaurant. However, this is our first time dining in because the first time I ordered and just took it to go. Anyways, our first experience of their food at home was delicious and enough to make us come back again. This time I made a reservation because we went for Valentine’s Day (2020) and thank goodness I made a reservation, place was packed. Anways, here’s what we ordered….

This was our appetizer, their Prime Fries. Oh my goodness these were so good. The steak was tender, the fries were crispy and the cheese along with the sprinkled parmesan on top made this appetizer a MUST order.
This was my dish, the Smoked Bacon Rotini with Garlic Cheese Sauce. Oh my goodness this thing was cheesy! It was flavorful and the bacon bits brought this dish very nicely together. I would say that this dish is what you want to order if you want to level up your mac & cheese game to a 10.
Side note – My wife got the Eggplant Parmesan, but sadly I do not have a picture of it; apologies.

Amici is a local restaurant and I believe it is still family owned. The ambiance of the restaurant is that of an intimate and “fancy” setting, but family friendly and still very casual. This is the go to Italian restaurant for my wife and I.

If you find yourself in Graham, WA, this is a place to get your Italian fix.

Hope you enjoyed!

Another side note – as of writing this blog, I’m actually going there tonight for dinner, but taking it to go. Yup! Check them out here:

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