Farmer’s Market | Portland, OR

So our first full day in Portland we decided to go visit the Farmer’s Market; best decision of the day.

Here’s just one section of the market, but there were tons of shops and tons of people. It may not look like many, but there was just so much space. This was awesome! Most farmer’s markets that I’ve been too are just jam packed making the experience just a little less enjoyable. So once again, this was a breath of fresh air.

The pastries down below were from a vendor named Mio’s Delectables. Mio is Japanese and so most of here foods are Japanese inspired/influenced. So good!

Pictured above and below was a crepe. Forgive me for not naming it exactly, but I do remember it was a type of fruit crepe. Delicious!

Side view of the crepe. The inside was filled with fruit and some type of, maybe, bread pudding or custard filling. The actual layers were held with the crepe.

This was a green tea tiramisu. Moist and tasty…all conveniently in a cup to munch on while walking around. The best!

So as we were walking around and I was already full from the hotel breakfast and all of Mio’s Delectable, we came across this booth…Taiwanese Steam Buns. I contemplated for a little bit and then went for it, of course.

This was their beef with kimchi steam bun. You just have to get this if you’re ever in this farmer’s market. You just have to. Wow is all I have to say about this one. I mean, just look at it 🙂

Right next to the steam bun booth was a pastry booth where my wife got a blueberry scone. Really good! However, I have to mention that the people running that booth made fun of my wife and her voice and how she ordered. Not cool. My wife is Japanese (has an accent) and has a soft and high pitched voice. That’s how she talks. Regardless if these people know that or not, what’s the point of making fun of anyone. I was hesitant on posting on them, but the scone was good and you can choose to be a patron of them or not…we will not.

Anyways, this was a fantastic Farmer’s Market and I would go back again. If you find yourself in Portland, OR, you should definitely check this out.

Hope you enjoyed!

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