Tower Coffee Bar & Grill | Tacoma, WA

So, as me and my wife were waiting for a book event with the author of There There Tommy Orange to start, we decided to try out this spot…

As we were walking up to Tower Coffee Bar & Grill, this was the front of the shop.

Here’s what the dining area looked like from the front entrance. It was empty, but we came in at a little bit of an odd time, around 4:30 PM.

This was our order. My wife had the fish and chips and I got the Tower Burger.

Here’s a close up of my burger. I would say that it was just an ordinary burger with lettuce, onions, tomato, cheese, pickles, and not much else. Overall, this spot looked hip, service was really friendly, and the food was satisfying. I’d go back.

If you’re looking for just solid food with a hippy kinda vibe, this is the spot to try out if you find yourself in Downtown Tacoma.

Hope you enjoyed!

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