Salt & Straw | Portland, OR

One of the foodie spots that my wife chose for us to visit down in Portland was an ice cream shop. Here it is…

This is the view of the outside as you’re walking up to Salt & Straw. They already had the line barricades up, but we got there early enough that the crowds hadn’t formed yet. Yeah!

This was my viewpoint from the line inside the shop. It was a fairly short line, but I waited a bit because you can sample the ice cream and the couple in front of me was sampling a ton! It’s all good, but c’mon…

I ended up with the Cinnamon Snicker doodle in a waffle cone. Amazing! It tasted like a snicker doodle and had chunks of actual snicker doodle cookies inside. Me and my wife both said it almost tasted like apple pie, and who doesn’t like apple pie? No one. Ha! Also, they were making the waffle cones right there behind the ice cream, it was also what made this ice cream Deeeeelish!

This is definitely a spot you should visit if you ever find yourself in Portland, OR. Go!

Hope you enjoyed!

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