The French Bakery: Round 2 | Bellevue, WA

Since Round 1 of me and my wife visiting The French Bakery, we’ve been to several other new bakeries and we are both in agreement…this is the best one of them.

Cream cheese and jalapeno croissant. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Cinnamon roll croissant. This one was very flaky and crispy. The Cinnamon flavor was not very strong and I enjoyed it that way. If Cinnabon is a 10 in regards to cinnamon bun flavor, this was like a 3. But this was definitely a 10 on the scale of deliciousness.

Veggie quiche. Good!

Almond croissant with Kona the doggie trying to snag a bite. Which by the way, you can follow him on instagram @konathefoodiedoggie 😉

Hope you enjoyed!

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