Tai Tung | Seattle, WA International District

So as I mentioned in the last post, my family came up to visit and one of the spots my brother-in-law wanted to go to was the famous Chinese restaurant Bruce Lee frequented…

The store front of the Tai Tung Restaurant. Same spot since the beginning.

The waiting area when you first walk in. “Seattle’s oldest Chinese restaurant est. 1935.” Daaang.

Pretty much the entire dining area from the viewpoint of our table. Looks pretty outdated, but the owner doesn’t want to change a thing and has very loyal customers.

Our table was right next to the back wall and this was what is on that wall.

Crispy chicken wings to start off dinner.

Lemon chicken with the lemon sauce on the side (below). It came served that way, we didn’t order the sauce on the side.

Oyster sauce beef. Tasty and tender beef. Get it…also because I think it was one of Bruce Lee’s favorite dishes.

Sorry, I forget what the name if this dish was, but we ordered it because we wanted crunchy noodles. It was good.

Walnut shrimp.

The front cover of the menu.

The food overall was good. I enjoyed it very much. I think that because this was Bruce Lee’s “favorite” restaurant gives it a “must go.” Check it out and then you can walk around and check out other shops in the International District.

Hope you enjoyed!

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