Katsu Burger | Federal Way, WA

Not really the usual Sunday Sun-date with the wife, but we had an errand to run in Federal way so we looked up some spots to eat and ended up going here…

Just the outside of Katsu Burger. Just FYI, this used to be a Stacks Burger, which I also posted about. Apart from the menu and the signage, the place looks just about the same.

The menu!

A view of the place while we were standing in line to order. If you look closely you can see Goku getting ready to unload the spirit bomb! Hahaha.

Just a fun shot 🙂 Now let’s get to the real food….

This was my burger, the Godzilla Attack! This was named perfectly. Huge and fiery with all the jalapenos. The bun was soft and the meat that was made in the katsu style was ON POINT! Along with that brown sauce you can kind of see on it…so good!

The Nori fries that were seasoned with seaweed. Really like these style of fries and the seaweed gives it a more “Japanese” spin on fries, but not really that big of a difference when comparing with regular fries. Now would I chose Nori fries over regular fries? Yes I would 😉

Thought I would share my first bite into my burger.

This was my wife’s burger, the Tokyo classic. I got to try a bit and it was also dee-lish!

Silly cat pictures in the bathroom. Too funny that I had to share.

My wife really enjoyed this spot and I really liked it as well. The customer service was great and the food was excellent. This is a place we are definitely going back to for seconds. If you find yourself in Federal Way, Washington make sure you visit this spot.

Hope you enjoyed!

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