The French Bakery | Bellevue, WA

There’s no real pastry shop in our area so during our Sunday Sun-date me and the wife headed out to Bellevue, WA and dropped by The French Bakery…

You can find the shop in your typical plaza and this was the store front. They have other locations, but we ended up here. We think it was the original.

Look at all the goodies! We couldn’t decide so we ended up ordering a couple of things. Typical…ha!

The menu.

Quick video of our tasty treats!

This was the Pesto & Tomato croissant. So good! I loved the savoriness of this, but still feeling like I’m eating a sweet treat with that flaky croissant.

Apple Turnover. Can’t go wrong with this classic. Yum!

Blueberry strudel. More please!

The Salmon Quiche was Deeeee-lish!! Instant favorite and will be ordered probably every time we visit 😉

All this pastry goodness and what would it be without a cafe latte.

If you find yourself in Bellevue, WA, this is a spot you definitely wand to visit.

Hope you enjoyed!

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