Blue Star Donuts: Round 2 | Portland, OR

So I’m currently taking online classes down in Portland and had to go on campus to take my midterm and since I was down there I decided to go to the donut shop known as Blue Star. Let’s get into it…

Just a quick video of this box full of joy.

Inside you will find a passion fruit, old fashioned, lemon poppy seed, and a loganberry cider with salted lemon crumble donuts.

I took the rest home, but I go my hands on the passion fruit donut as soon as I got in the car. It was mmmmm so tasty! Definitely tasted like passion fruit, but not overly powering and the donut dough was soft and moist and not to oily. Need this one again, but really need all of them again. HAHA!

Hope you enjoyed!

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