Made By True | Beef Jerky

So I’ve been into beef jerky a little lately and I wanted to share the last one I’ve tried with all of you because it’s been the best thus far. Check it out…

I love Korean BBQ restaurants and grilling up my food at the table and when I was walking down the snack aisle in Target this caught my eye instantly. I needed a snack for one of our hikes and so I got it! It even came with a toothpick…essential and thoughtful 😉

Here’s the back of the package. The chili pepper hotness level is almost to the max, but I would say it’s about a 3.5 out of five on the spiciness. The flavor was excellent and the jerky was, for the most part, pretty tender. I will say that the price for the amount is on the high end, but for an initial try it was worth it. This wouldn’t be my “go to” jerky, but if I’m feeling a little fancy I’d go for these again for sure.

Hope you enjoyed!


Side note: sorry I didn’t post any pictures of the actual beef jerky, I ate all of it real quick and my tummy beats my brain every time. HAHA!

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