Get The Ruck Outta Here: One Month Later | Puyallup, WA

So I’ve been rucking for a good month or more now AND doing it almost daily. I must say that rucking is…friggin’ awesome! Let me explain, but first…

These are my GORUCK plates. I did my first week rucking with 10 pounds (4.5kg) and then moved up to the 30 pounds (13.6kg). I know it sounds like a huge jump, but I’m pretty sure starting off with the 10 pounder got me off to a good start once I made the switch.

This is the GORUCK Bullet (above) and I started off with this ruck first because I was waiting for my other ruck (below) to come in, but I wanted to get started and couldn’t wait.

This bad boy is the GORUCK GR1 and it is there Navy edition. They came in all the other branches as well. These were on pre-order so, I had to wait about 3 weeks for it. Worth it! The hat is also a GORUCK tac hat and the patch on it is the one that came with the backpack.

Anyways, enough of all this preamble and let me get to why rucking is my J-A-M. Here we go:

  1. Takes your regular old morning walking routine to the next level. If you go out for daily walks, add a little weight to it and see if you don’t sweat a little more.
  2. Takes your goals up another notch. Can I walk the same distance with weight? Can I do it with more weight? Can I go farther with weight? Can I go faster with weight? Gives a boost to self motivate and these goals are what YOU want them to be.
  3. Switching things up by doing conventional exercises unconventionally. With your backpack you can do squats, overhead presses, kettle bell swings, bear crawls while dragging your ruck on the ground, and so much more. This definitely keeps thing fun and interesting, all the while getting fresh air and being outdoors, as opposed to the sweaty air in the gym.
  4. Meet new people and expand your social web. The rucking community is so huge! It may be that rucking is a bit niche, but there are rucking clubs all over the place. Get out there and meet new people!
  5. Something to work towards. There are GORUCK events all over that you can sign up for. In my case, I signed up for a GORUCK Light in September and another Light and Tough combo event this coming November. Even more motivation to get out there and train. Aside from the obvious health benefits, sometimes it takes signing up for something to get us out of bed at 5:15 am in the morning just to go walking. Yup, I get up at 5:15 to go walking with my wife…almost daily.
  6. That right there is another benefit. My wife doesn’t want to do jiu jitsu with me, but we can spend time together walking outside and getting fit together. It’s something most everyone can do!

Well that’s my take on rucking thus far. I’m really enjoying it and being part of the rucking community feels good. It’s always nice to feel part of something.

Hope you enjoyed!

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