Zeeks Pizza | Tacoma, WA

So the family came up to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) to visit and we showed them around Tacoma and ended up at this spot…

Side view as you’re walking up to Zeeks.


Here’s Zeeks from the other side. It’s a corner restaurant. Kinda neat! That, by the way, is my little brother.

The view point from the front door looking to your left. We sat right over there to the tables on the right.

Pretty cool that there was also an upstairs dining area. I didn’t know Tacoma was on the Periodic Table. Ha!

Finally the pizza! One half was the Puget Pounder (meat side) and the other half was the Tree Hugger (veggie side). I gotta confess that the Tree Hugger was a mistake. I overlooked the ingredients and didn’t read broccoli. Now, not that there’s anything wrong with broccoli, I really do like it, but it does not belong on a pizza. Period. And if you do like broccoli on your pizza you’re WRONG. Just saying, but to each his or her own 😉

As a bonus, this is the view from the across the Glass Bridge that is just across the street from Zeeks Pizza. Your typical PNW cloudy day. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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