Max’s Restaurant | Tukwila, WA

So I got a tip from my BJJ friend that Max’s had opened a restaurant here in Washington and thank goodness it’s in a city only about 45 minutes away from where I live. I believe this is the only one in Washington, but I’ve been to Max’s back in California and me and my family really like it. Anyways, I came home, told my wife, who has never been, about it and we planned to go…and so we went…

Just the view from our table at one corner of the restaurant. We got there at 11am (opening) and there was a line forming. We were about fifth in line, but it grew much bigger and it became a crowd. The empty seats fill up very quickly and stayed filled the whole time we were there.

The famous Max’s fried chicken. The flavor and crispiness to this chicken is DEE-licious! If you go, you could just go for the chicken and that would be alright.

And if you order rice with your meal (why wouldn’t you) then get the garlic fried rice. Trust me on this.

A popular Filipino dish called sinigang was what my wife ordered. Slurpin’ on some soup while eating your rice and meat is the common thing to do with Filipinos. The sinigang was tasty and the more sour the better.

Our last order was the lechon kawali. I don’t really eat pork, but my wife does. This is a very crispy fried pork. A Filipino, or not, fan favorite.

If you’re from Washington or don’t have a Max’s near you and are in Tukwila, try this spot out. I think you will leave satisfied.

Hope you enjoyed!

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