Where Did All This Stuff Come From? Again!

So as of this post, I’m in the middle of doing the “MinsGame”, fully known as the Minimalist Game. If you’re not aware of this game it is where you get rid of 1 thing on day 1 of the month (any month of your choosing) and then as the days in the month go on you get rid of that many things. So for example, on day 2 you get rid of 2 things and then on day 3 it’s 3 things and so on. So for this month that totals to a whopping 496 things. Now, these things could be anything, from papers to clothing to furniture. As days are going by I’ve realized that I’ve accumulated so many things despite trying to minimize my life, it’s really eye opening.

I know the title has you thinking, so then where did all these things come from? Well, it’s an easy answer, but one I would love to deny…all these new things I’m trying to get rid of came from me and shopping. I’ve got a serious problem…shopaholic maybe? I do take some solace in the fact that some of the things that I’ve bought have gotten me to a point to where I now know I have the actual thing that I will use from here on out, such as my wallet/organizer (pictured below).

Back to the Mins Game, one thing it also has made me realize as the days go on, it makes me really have to look at the things I have to see if I truly need them or not because I do eventually have to reach 496 things by the end of the month…and I don’t plan on failing that mission.

One of the main principles of being a minimalist is that the things you do have actually bring you value. I don’t believe I’ve been totally been embodying that, but it’s never too late. We gotta love the things that bring us value and get rid of the fluff. When we do that, ultimately we can give back value to those we love even more so than we think we already do.

Hope you enjoyed!

Update: this post has been sitting in my draft box since the beginning of May when I started the Mins Game and…I’ve completely FAILED this mission. I think it completely fell apart by day 9. Every day I tried to reach the number of things I’m suppose to  get rid of, but it was just too tough. However, everyday I did get rid of things and I still continue to sell or donate or throw away things as of this update.

I don’t think I’ll be playing the Mins Game again anytime soon again, but as always, I’m constantly assessing the stuff and things I do have and asking myself if it brings me value.

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