Mighty-O Donuts | Seattle, WA

As my and my wife set out to head back home from a morning of grocery shopping in Seattle, we drove right past this and had to make a stop…

Mighty-O Donuts! It was on a list of donuts shops that one must drop by when in Seattle, so we did just that.

Just the view of the shop from where we were sitting.

Starting from the top and going clockwise: apple fritter, lemon poppy seed, raspberry chocolate.

The following are just the mandatory close-up pictures…

Out of the 3, this was my favorite. It was pretty lemony, but it went well with the overall taste of the poppy seeds and the glaze. I think my wife agrees with me on this too.

I would say it’s a nice little spot to visit if you are close to the area, but is it a “must?” I’m not quite sure on that. The donuts were good, but respectfully, I could probably get the same donuts going to my local donut shop. I will say that the service was very friendly and I would go back just on that.

Hope you enjoyed!

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