Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal

Here’s a product that brings me value despite its value in cost (a little pricey) that I thought I’d share with all of you. It’s my morning oatmeal.

Here it is, Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats. I actually kinda like the packaging too.

My wife makes our oatmeal for us most mornings, and we typically eat it with maple syrup. Lately we’ve been putting in bananas and it is delicious! Prior to Bob’s I was typically eating instant oatmeal, Market Pantry steel cut oats (Target brand), and lots of Starbucks oatmeal. I will never go back. Bob’s oats just tastes better, they come out fluffier, but still have bite to them, the flavor is great, and they’re organic.

Hope you enjoyed!



Not sure how this works, but I think I’m suppose to mention that I’m not sponsored or affiliated with Bob’s Red Mill. This is just a product I personally use and wanted to share my experience.


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