Happy Donuts | Downtown Puyallup, WA

The truth is I overslept a bit (only 30 minutes) this morning and so It was a little to late to go for me and my wife’s early morning walks. So what did we do instead, you guessed it…the local donut shop! We’ve never been this shop, but it came recommended and a good recommendation it was. Anyways, here it is….

Our point of view from the table we were sitting at. The place had plenty of seating. No one was really staying to sit and eat, but there was a steady flow of people coming in and out as we ate and sat.

The dir…SWEET dozen!

Now I’ve had several types of bacon maple pastries, but none with full strips of bacon. Also, this was the best tasting one out of all that I’ve had thus far. Get it!

Blueberry scone. Doesn’t it just look so good with actual whole blueberries on top sitting in that glaze.

Apple fritter. We just have to have it if it’s there.

Overall, this is a solid donut shop with good customer service and really good tasting donuts. We also had Americanos and the coffee was good too. If for some reason (hahaha) you find yourself in downtown Puyallup, go and check this spot out. It will not let your donut craving down.

Hope you enjoyed!

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