Shake Shack | South Lake Union, WA (Seattle)

So me and my wife went to Seattle this past Sunday to go see the Gardens of the World at the Washington State Conventions Center and since we were out in the city we had to drop by…(drum roll please)…Shake Shack! Here’s what we got…

My wife had the cheese and bacon crinkle fries with the Shack Stack burger. This is THE go-to burger – a classic.

Video of the picture above.

Here is what I ordered. This is an absolute MUST if you’re in Seattle. They have the Montlake Double Cut burger that you can only get in Washington. The description of this burger is down below straight off their website.

South Lake Union Shack features the Seattle-exclusive Montlake Double Cut, a Crowd Cow sourced Washington beef double cheeseburger with Beechers ‘Just Jack’ cheese, caramelized onions and grainy mustard mayo on a Macrina Bakery bun. -Shake Shack

Here’s a quick video of the picture above.

This Montlake Double Cut burger is so delicious. The Beechers cheese was smothered all over the two juicy beef patties. Just Amazing! The bun was soft, but could not hold up to all that cheese and caramelized onion. It was a messy, but oh-so-good time. Best part is, because all the ingredient are local, this burger tastes so fresh. Go and get it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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