Georgetown Cupcake | Home Delivery

So my birthday just passed and my sisters ordered me a dozen cupcakes and had it delivered to my house (we live in different states). This is what arrived…

The top box was inside the bottom box. Really nice packaging.

Here are the dozen cup…wait a minute…one is missing! Wonder who ate it. HAHA! Anyways, the flavors ranged from chocolate to red velvet to Oreo cheesecake. As you can see, the cupcakes also got delivered in perfect condition. I think the sticks poking out were in part to keep them from moving as well as making it handy to pull out of the container. The frosting was delicious and has that cream cheese flavor, not like the store-bought sugary frosting you get at the supermarket.

Overall the cupcakes were great and now that I know about Georgtown Cupcake, I’ll probably use their services in the future.

Hope you enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “Georgetown Cupcake | Home Delivery

      1. I like to send food gifts, so I’m always looking for companies and things to send. The most ridiculous was a 70-80 cheesecake which is why I went with a cheese and meat basket that took almost a week and a half to send, lame AF.

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