My On and Off Relationship With Social Media

So this is probably my third or fourth blog about social media and about how I’m not using it anymore. I get rid of it and then I download the apps back onto my phone and now here I am again telling you that I got rid of my social media apps…AGAIN!

It’s hard because I use Social Media to promote my blog (this blog), but I also use it just to use it. I actually don’t get much personal value from posting on Instagram or Twitter except for that instant gratification of getting “likes.” One thing I’ve noticed that social media has been robbing from me, is my quality time with my wife at home. Even as we are watching a movie together at home on Netflix, I’m still reaching for my phone and looking through social media. It’s quite crazy to be doing that and at the same time watching a movie or show. Do I even know what’s going on in the story? It’s an experience that I’m sharing with my wife, but I’m actually not sharing it at all with my face glued to my phone.

Another reason why I’ve deleted all the social media apps off of my phone is because it was giving me to much temptation to buy things. This I believe will be the nail that seals the coffin. I am a new homeowner (going on 6 months now), with plans to grow my family and all these excessive purchases are only to the detriment of my family. Not only in terms of financially, but I also don’t want to be that parent with the kids playing while my nose is glued to my cell phone.

Anyways, I ramble and this has been an ongoing issue in my life. Let’s hope this is the last post about getting rid of social media.

Hope you enjoyed!

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