Black Bear Diner | Lakewood, WA

So it is that time of the month again where me and my coworkers have our monthly bro-kfast. We ended up choosing a spot called Black Bear Diner out in Lakewood. Here it is…

This was the entrance/waiting. As you can tell, the restaurants lives up to its name. Bears, bears, and more bears. Everywhere! There was one bear enjoying a meal at the counter…if you hadn’t notices. Haha!

This is their menu. At first we though it was the newspaper, but it sure wasn’t. Pretty cool.

I ended up ordering The Grizz and it came with grizzly-sized pancakes.

Along with the pancakes came eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. You can substitute things out, which I did, I got more bacon instead of the sliced ham. There were also extra options like putting cheese on my scrambled eggs (I didn’t go for the cheese and bacon on top of my hash browns).

Just another view of my whole meal.

If you’re ever in Lakewood, WA, this is definitely a spot to visit for some breakfast. Good sized portions that are big, but not over the top and of course it all tasted good. Our server was also very friendly.

Hope you enjoyed!

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