Winterfest 2018 | Seattle Center, WA

So my wife came up with some events to go to during this holiday season and the first even on the list was Winterfest at the Seattle Center, which is right next to Space Needle…

Oh the gloom of Washington.

This is where we decided to eat. Quincy’s is a burger joint, but this part of the Center was like a food court. There was also Mod Pizza, Starbucks, a Kabob spot, and a BBQ spot.

Quick video of my mushroom swiss burger and my wife’s old fashion burger. They were ok burger. I probably wouldn’t get it again whenever we go back to the Center, but we were hungry by the time we got to Seattle that we inhaled them down. I must also mention that my wife’s burger bun was cold, whereas mine was definitely warmed up.

Here’s inside the food court area that I mentioned above. It was decorated very nicely and the chairs you see at the bottom were facing a stage where me and my wife listened to a jazz band. Very nice!

This video doesn’t exist

As you walk around the area, you’ll probably run into this huge fountain. It was pretty cool to watch. Plus it was really fun watching the dog play around it 🙂

Here’s is the Museum of Pop Culture or also known as MoPOP. It’s a really cool looking building. Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but off to the left there is a cool playground for kids to play.

Just a picture that I though was pretty cool.

This was a nice day out and this is a chill spot to go hangout on any day, not just Winterfest. I should mention though that there was also ice sculpting and an ice skating rink. Anyways, if you find yourself in Seattle on any given day, this is a nice place to spend a day at.

Hope you enjoyed!

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