Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

So my wife, who is the most beautiful biggest book nerd I know, recommended me this book below…

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins is about a woman named Jules who returns back to her childhood hometown because her older sister Nel died. Was she murdered or did she jump? To add to the story, Nel also left behind a daughter named Lena. But all this is just barely scratching the surface.

Where Lena killed herself, which at the river, the spot is known for death and has a history of taking women’s lives. The whole town is intertwined somehow!

This book is a quick read. The chapters are short and each chapter is based on a single character’s point of view. So following along is not too hard with all the different characters involved. Paula Hawkins knows how to pull you in and gets you to question everyone’s agenda.

This whodunnit is definitely recommended.

Hope you enjoyed!

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