Karma Indian Cuisine & Lounge | Puyallup, WA

So the wife and I were feeling Indian food and Karma Indian Cuisine was highly recommended via the interwebs. We tried and was not disappointed. We ended up ordering a “meal for two” which included several options to choose from and this is what we ordered…

These were the three sauces they brought out: a spicy one, the green one was mint, and the darker colored one was a plum sauce.

We started off with samosas. I preferred it with the spicy sauce and my wife liked it with the plum sauce.

Just an overview of what our table looked like when they brought out all the food. This was a dinner for two, but it would definitely feed at least four.

Tandoori chicken.

Curry with chicken.

Bharta dish. It was a sweet tasting dish because of the eggplant. This was really good with the naan bread.

Our desserts! Rice pudding and almost like a doughnut hole type dessert. Both really good! However, we both preferred the rice pudding more.

Just a close up.

If you ever find yourself in Puyallup, Washington and in the mood for some Indian food, this is the spot to go to. The restaurant was very nice, staff was very friendly and attentive, and have to mention this, the bathrooms were very clean. The prices are mid range, but for the amount of food you get, it’s worth it and the leftovers the next day are just as good.

Hope you enjoyed!

5 thoughts on “Karma Indian Cuisine & Lounge | Puyallup, WA

      1. Southern has a lot of vegetarian dishes and their standouts sure like dosa and those little deep-fried things like tempura. Although when it comes to my favorites, I prefer Pakistani which is an off-shoot of Northern Indian (even better, try Hakka which is Indian/Chinese like chicken Manchuria)

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