Amazon Go | Seattle, WA

While we were out doing our “Asian” grocery shopping out in Seattle and eating burgers, we wanted to check out this spot…

Amazon go! It’s a convenience/grocery store that you can just walk in, get what you need, and then just walk right out. Really cool!

Here’s a quick video of how you enter the shop. You have to download the app and then use it to get in. You can get in with someone else’s app, which was the case with me and my wife. My wife had the app and let me in first and then she went in after.

Here’s some food items that are ready to eat that you can get.

You can even get groceries for your home here too.

And they had those meals that are packaged that are ready to be cooked at home, like Blue Apron.

Anyways, my wife wanted to try it out, we ended up just getting a bottled water. I must say that the concept is very cool. I wish there was one close to my neighborhood.

Hope you enjoyed!

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