Big Bear, California

So for Thanksgiving 2018 me and my wife went flew out to California to spend it with my family. One of the places we visited to spend time with the family was at Big Bear Lake up in the mountains. This is the food we got while we were up there…

Breakfast pizza! When I saw that on the menu….of course I had to order it. Eggs, cheese, sausage, ham. It was delicious.

Drop by one of those old fashioned type of candy and ice cream shops and got us some covered chocolate banana, cheesecake, and vanilla ice cream treats (left to right).

We also dropped by a burger joint.

Just a cool photo of my chocolate and peanut covered frozen banana.

If you ever find yourself in Southern California and want to visit a mountain town, Big Bear is a nice place to visit.

Hope you enjoyed!

10 thoughts on “Big Bear, California

  1. Can you talk more and elaborate more on that breakfast pizza!!? If you don’t, you’re not contributing to humanity because those banana’s are always hyped in Newport Beach *yawn*

    1. Sorry sorry for the late reply. It was good. The dough was soft and fluffy. There was gravy which was awesome. And then the eggs and sausage was standard but delicious as a whole.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

      Wow! of all the times I’ve been up to Big Bear, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Boulder Bay park. It looks so pretty and I can tell from your pictures that the weather was amazing. Thanks for sharing and you got yourself a new email subscriber and IG follower.

      Keep blogging!

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