Great State Burger | Seattle, WA

So on our first trip out to Seattle with my wife we decided pre-trip to go try Great State Burger. The reason for our trip was to go to Uwajimaya, a supermarket, but more specifically and Asian supermarket. Anyways here’s the spot…

This was the spot, corner of the street right outside of Uwajimaya to our delight. We did not realize it was right there so we were super stoked!

Just another view of the spot. I think you can actually order from this window, but we went inside and I didn’t see anyone ordering from there.

Our food! I ordered the double cheeseburger combo and my wife had the single combo.

Just a close up of my burger. My wife really like the burgers here. For me, the burger was standard. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious, but there wasn’t that “wow” factor that say a Shake Shack or a In & Out burger would give you. With that being said, I would absolutely go back to this spot whenever I’m in town. Let me not forget to talk about the crinkle fries. Now the crinkle fires are delicious. Crispy and just something about the crinkle that just makes them so much better. Love the fries and taste awesome with the thousand island sauce that they give on the side. Yum!

If you ever find yourself out in Seattle, make this a stop. It’s a very good burger joint and they have them all over the city.

Hope you enjoyed!

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