Shake Shack | Tokyo, Japan

So Shake Shack is me and my wife’s favorite burger joint. We first had it together at the one in Las Vegas, Nevada and then again in Los Angeles, California. But ever since then, it has been our favorite and now we got to try the Shake Shack in Tokyo, Japan!

Here is the Shake Shack within the confines of the concrete jungle that is Tokyo.

This was our meal, two Shack Stack burgers and a large cheese fries. Yes, that is the large in Japan.

Inside this lovely canister is a Shake Shack T-shirt with the same logo on it that’s is on the canister. I just had to have it!

Just another view from the other side of the store. It looks empty because we arrived before it was even open. We just couldn’t wait! HAHAHA!

Hope you enjoyed!

6 thoughts on “Shake Shack | Tokyo, Japan

      1. Wow, a bucket’o’fries. The next size after that is a trough! But I get what you mean, the last time I grabbed a bunch of fries to eat in Japan, I realized it was all of them in one bite.

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