Medium | Tokyo, Japan

As me and my wife were walking the streets of Tokyo we walked by this little shop. We didn’t know what it was, but I happen to notice that it was serving Mexican style dishes. So we took note of it (’cause we wanted tacos) and came back the next day. Here it is…Medium…

This is the store front with the big “M” on top. It’s very inconspicuous and you wouldn’t realize this is a little bar/restaurant if you didn’t literally walk by it and stop to see what it is.

My taco rice with “taco meat.” You can choose different meats like pork or chicken. I went the taco meat route.

Just the view point from our table. We were sitting on one side of the shop and that is the other side. Plus we are right in front of the entrance. Not sure if that gives you a good idea of how small this shop is, but I would guesstimate that it holds less than 20 people total.

Here was our dessert! Churros! These were delicious and fresh. We heard him making the batter fresh and then frying them up. It came out hot and crispy and the vanilla ice cream on the side was the cherry on top. Inside the churro was chocolate, of course!

I would definitely go to this little shop again and if you happen to be roaming the streets of Tokyo and come across it, you should go in at get a bite to eat.

Hope you enjoyed!

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