Denny’s in Tokyo, Japan

At first when we passed by the Denny’s, my wife suggested it, but I was completely against it. I thought “I didn’t travel half way around the world to eat at Denny’s.” But then my mind changed when I took a look at the menu, it was not at all like the Denny’s I know in America. It also really helped that it was close to our hotel and our feet were tired from all the walking. Hahaha! Anyways, this is what we got….

My wife’s tonkatsu meal set.

Video of the tonkatsu.

That’s my hamburg sizzling on the hot skillet with eggplant slices and onions on top. Those are potatoes on the side.

Still shot of my hamburg meal. The meat in japan is just so different. I had this type of dish basically daily. So good!

So I knew the menu would be different in Japan than in America, but I didn’t know it would be completely different. I was more of thinking a regular Denny’s menu with a little Japanese influence. Boy was I wrong!

The next time you’re in Japan and you’ve had a long day of walking and doing touristy things and there’s a Denny’s nearby…GO!

Hope you enjoyed!

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