Local 360 | Seattle, WA

Me and a former coworker met up and so we had a night out in the city and this is where we ended up for dinner, Local 360….

Just a point of view from our booth.

The menu.

So this is a local Washington beer that is delicious. If you like Guinness, you will absolutely love this. That slight aftertaste of coconut is so good!

This is was my medium well done cheeseburger. The beef is locally sourced and actually everything is locally sourced at this place. I love that about it. I actually really love the way Washington, in general, really supports everything local. Anyways, the burger was delicious and I would go back to this spot again.

Just a heads up, it is better to make a reservation if you are planning on going. Thankfully they were able to seat us right away, but the host did say it was best to make reservations next time.

Hope you enjoyed!

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