Coffee with the AeroPress (revisited) | My House

So I would definitely not consider myself a coffee aficionado, but I love coffee. I drink it pretty much everyday and I take it any way I can get it; I use the Keurig at work, I go to coffee shops, and I make it at home. Being a minimalist, I don’t have a coffee machine, but what I do have is an AeroPress and here it is….

(Coffee scooper thingy is missing. I lost it)

Here’s a list of the values I get out of my AeroPress:

  1. Money saver! – this is the big one. Starbucks just can’t beat it.
  2. Portable – this can go with you anywhere
  3. Simplicity – clean up is easy and there’s no vinegar solution you need to make to clean out the water container. Ha!
  4. Good coffee – I can spend more money on a better blend of coffee because I’m not spending that money at a coffee shop.

The AeroPress is a very economical choice for making coffee at home and making good tasting coffee at that. If you’re in the market for a coffee machine, I would recommend this or at least definitely have it on your list of possibility.

Hope you enjoyed!

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