Out & About Burger Round 2 and 3| Puyallup, WA

So I went back to Out & About Burger and tried more food. This is what I got my second time around…

These are their Cagney’s Way fries. It has cheese and grilled onions on top and they give you ketchup and thousand island dressing on the side.

I am more of a thinner cut fry kinda guy, but I must say, I very much enjoyed these thicker cut fries. Delicious!

This was my order on my third go-around. I had the double cheeseburger and this time it came with tomato and lettuce and grilled onions.

Side note: my last post about this spot I didn’t know what BMC stood for, I believe it stands for bread, meat, cheese. I’m slow sometimes.

This burger is delicious with all the fixins. I don’t want to keep comparing this burger to ” you know what,” but it is very similar and at the same time is its own spot and has it’s own flavor. I will be a frequent customer and I say this is a spot you should definitely drive thru if you’re in town.

Again, you can find them here too:


Hope you enjoyed!


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