Papa Murphy’s | At Home

So it was a pizza kind of Saturday and I was recommended by a coworker to check out Papa Murphy’s and this is what I got…

This is the pizza as it comes. Yes I ordered it and went to a physical location. This is not a frozen pizza at all. Just like any other pizza shop you go to, you order, they make it, but with Papa Murphy’s, you bake it. You can build your own pizza or you can choose the ones that are already chosen for you, like this one; it’s called The Cowboy.

The instructions.

The close up pre-bake.

And in the pizza goes!

Top view. This was a size Large. I do believe they have one bigger called the Family size.

The close up post bake.

I’m sure there are other chains just like this and there’s probably Papa Murphy’s all over the country, but I see them more here in Washington than I ever did in California. I don’t think I ever even came across one in Cali. Anyways, this pizza was Dee….licious! Oh I forgot to mention, but they have different types of crust and I chose the Original. The flavor was good, the crust was not to thin or too thick. I would say they hit the Goldilocks zone with the Original crust, but I look forward to trying the others. Overall, I was satisfied and will be returning one day.

Hope you enjoyed!

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