Ayothaya | Washington State

So I pass by this little plaza all the time on my way to BJJ class and I finally decided to pull in and see what food they got there and this is what I found. A little Thai food spot called Ayothaya, but I believe that it is a chain restaurant out here in the W.A.

Just a view point from my booth. They let me choose my table and I chose the one in all the way in the corner.

Another view point from my table. Right behind the chest level wall and the tank is the front of the restaurant where you can sit and wait to be seated.

The menu.

I chose D from the lunch menu, Spicy beef. It came with rice and pad thai.

My plate!

The obligatory close-up the pad thai (above) and the spicy beef (below).

This is an inexpensive spot with decent Thai food. However, I will say that if you decide to go to the one in Spanaway, just know that the older lady did not have good customer service. She seemed grouchy and not in a good mood. Although, I will say that the younger waitress was very friendly. I will not give the older lady a pass for possibly just having a bad day because she is in the customer service business, at least fake it. I’m also in the customer service business, except I have patients, but I never let my personal life creep into the way I treat them. Anyways, small rant and now I’m done.

I will probably not go back to this specific establishment, but if I see another Ayothaya and I’m feeling like Thai food, I’ll go back.

Hope you enjoyed!

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