Sunbreak Cafe | Auburn, WA

Here’s another breakfast spot that me and my coworkers hit up for our monthly “bro-kfast.” Yup, that’s right…that’s what we coined it…bro-kfast. This time we went to a spot that was recommended called the Sunbreak Cafe and here’s what I ordered…

The Auburn omelette. The portion sizes here are huge. This right here (above) is the half portion. It had diced ham and spicy sausage, hash brown, and tons of cheese. It was delicious.

Banana bread! So good. I made sure to eat this first before I got full off the omelette. This is a must order. You can get it instead of toast…get it.

Just a close-up of all that cheese.

The view from my table. I was sitting off to the side by the window, so you can pretty much see the entire place. However, there is that “center piece” in the middle as you can see, the lanterns hanging from it. Just as a heads up, the spot get very busy and they don’t seat parties until everyone is there.

If you’re in Auburn, WA and looking for a good breakfast spot that serves up huge portions, then this is where you want to go.

Hope you enjoyed!

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