My EDC Is Too Much

Just in case, EDC stands for Everyday Carry and below is what I’ve recently been carrying everyday for the past month. As an ongoing struggle to be more and more minimal, wanted to see if I really needed to carry a backpack everyday, which I had been doing pretty much doing…forever. I have to say, I definitely don’t need a backpack every day.

To be quite honest, as I look at this picture, I could do away with my kindle and the headphones. I would say that those 2 items are more of weekend items than something I would use daily. I know technically I’m not downsizing here, I would just be leaving my stuff at home, but at the same time minimalism is also about un-cluttering our things to un-clutter our mind. So, what I find is that the less I carry on my person daily, the more my mind kind focus on the tasks of the day.

…and then on the weekends I can read my kindle and listen to my podcasts.

Hope you enjoyed!

Just in case you were wondering, here’s a list of what’s in the picture:

  • Master-piece sling bag (from Japan)
  • Kindle (currently reading Musashi)
  • Calendar/organizer (from Japan)
  • Midori notebook
  • Skullcandy bluetooth earbuds
  • Key-bar (key organizer)
  • iPhone X
  • Fisher space pen
  • Hell-Bent wallet/money clip

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