Taco Time | Washington State

So I’ve been in Washington for about a month now and have seen Taco Time all over the place, however I am just getting around to trying it now and this is what I’ve gotten over my past 2 visits…

Yes. To me these are tater tots, but here at Taco Time they are known as Mexi-Fries. Either way, they still taste good 😉

Basic beef burrito.

The Casita Burrito.

The obligatory close-up.

This is a chain restaurant that I would liken mostly to a Baker’s (out in California), but not as good. With that being said, I don’t know why I have the urge to keep going back. I think it is because of the very simple ingredient and also that none of the flavors are overwhelming. It’s very basic and the minimalist in me keeps coming back for more.

Just try it.

Hope you enjoyed!

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