Burger Seoul | Tacoma, WA

I had a lazy Sunday with nothing to do so I decided to try out a new food spot via the Yelp app and this is what I found; a food truck (that is permanently at this spot) called Burger Seoul…

It really comes out of nowhere and as you can see it is in the corner of a parking lot. This view is from the 19th St. Grocery & Deli entrance. One thing I must mention is that Burger Seoul does not sell drinks, you have to buy them from the Grocery & Deli. Not a big deal at all.

Here’s the menu. That’s pretty much it. They did have a special burger on a small chalk board written right next to the cash register. I did not order that.

This video doesn’t exist

Here’s a little video of my food and where I sat at. There are a couple of picnic tables around the truck, but I sat in the back because that’s where the shade was.

Here it is! The Seoul Burger. It was so good! Look at how thick that burger patty is. I ordered it well done, but it was still very juicy. There were some slight pink spots in my burger, but definitely not enough to return it. The sauce got everywhere, but I did not care. Plenty of cheese oozing off the side and I want to say that there was kimchi within all that sauce. Deeee….lish!

Just another shot of where I was saying and some of Burger Seoul’s signage. I’m definitely coming back to the spot and trying out another one of their burgers and possible their Seoul Fire Fries. Can’t wait!

If you’re in the Tacoma area (especially near the Tacoma Mall) then this is probably a must go to and try out. It’s an original spot with a tasty Korean twist on your burgers and fries.

Hope you enjoyed!


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