Peanut Sauce Thai | Tacoma, WA

More of Tacoma, but not a burger this time. I found another spot through Yelp and ended up at Peanut Sauce Thai…

Just some live action of the food I ordered. They do not have dinner specials so and it was just me eating, so yes, this was a ton of food and there were leftovers.

This dish was in the section of the menu under “Peanut Sauce’s Special.” It is their Crispy Garlic Chicken. It was definitely crispy and smothered in a ton of sauce. It was so tasty! I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the the chicken inside were huge! It was definitely not like your orange chicken at Panda where it’s 90% breading. Nope, not at Peanut Sauce. It wasn’t very garlic-y to me, which isn’t a bad thing and the crispy mint leaves on top were oh-so-good. I have a feeling that this will be my go to dish whenever I come back.

Here is the obligatory Pad Thai dish one must order when trying out a new Thai spot. I have to admit though, pad thai is not my favorite dish. Is it good? Yes. This one up above was good as well, but I definitely don’t have it enough to compare or even have an opinion on it. So I’ll just leave it at that. Haha!

The food came out super quick. The service was very friendly. The place was clean and quite. The ambiance was nice. I would definitely go back.

Once again, if you find yourself around the Tacoma Mall area and have a hankerin’ for Thai food, this would be a spot to definitely look at.

Hope you enjoyed!

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