Saiman Says | Kent, WA

So me and my brother went in search for lunch and this is what we found…A Hawaiian spot! It looked like it was in a business kind of plaza, but here it is…

Just a shot of the outside.

Here’s the menu.

My order of the Mochiko Chicken. It’s like popcorn chicken with of course a scoop of rice a tuna mac salad.

The piece de resistance was the Katsu spam musubi. Now, I’ve had spam Musubi, but Katsu spam Musubi? Yes please! So good. Next time I come here I’m actually just gonna order 3 if these and I’m good.

Side note, I didn’t get pictures of my brother’s order, but he gave his dish 9 out of 10. He ordered the shoyu chicken and island beef.

If you are hankerin’ for some Hawaiian food and find yourself in Kent, WA then I definitely recommend you try this spot.

I hope you enjoyed!

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